How One Man Saved the Internet

I was sure that this post was going to be a major rant. For about two years we have had on-and-off connection issues and, DAMMIT, it was affecting our raiding.

Some background: We have two choices here for internet, but because of service bundling, we would have to pay twice as much if we had to split the services.  We’ve had numerous tech calls/visits with no long-term solution.  We were guaranteed that the tech coming out this Saturday would be accompanied by the local area supervisor. If the supervisor didn’t show, we planned on sending the tech on his merry way and canceling our service on Monday.

Lo and behold, Ben, the tech, showed up totally unaware that we were supposed to have a supervisor as well.   He asked that we at least let him check out the immediate problem (3 days of absolutely horrible or no connection) while he was there.  Ok, fine, because we could do next to nothing and had missed another raid, why not.

But he didn’t pull out his meters and tell us “everything reads fine” and that “it must be your equipment” or “your router settings must be wrong”, or “you must have bad lines in the house”, etc. He sat down with us and asked us about the problems we had been having, what we had been told, and what had been done.

Then he called his “tech support for the techs” as many others had.  Guess what they said?  Yep, “it must be their equipment/router settings/bad lines” etc.  Ben was clearly annoyed, thanked them for their “help”, and hung up (really? WTH? did this guy care?).

Any of you out there fans of Ghost Hunters?  That was what Ben was.  At one point he even said the words, “I need to disprove this before I move on to the next thing.”  It was obvious that he didn’t intend to leave until he had resolved the issue.  Or maybe he was waiting for an invite to dinner – Mustafah was making his famous spaghetti at the time.

Then Ben started checking things out.  He found both the splitter coming into the house and the splitter going to the TVs and modems were BOTH configured improperly.  The teeny tiny TV in the upstairs bedroom was getting the “full” juice, the TV in the family room was getting the next chunk, and the modems were getting the “leftovers”.  WTH?  No one caught that before?

He corrected all that and amazingly we now had downstream power levels around +7.8 (up from -8.8) and the upstream power level dropped from 58 to about 37.   Seriously, I have never seen even ONE positive reading on the DS and the UP had always been between 54 and 58.

But Ben wasn’t done.  On our two computers, we checked the power levels and ran dueling speed and ping tests.  Hmmm.  The power levels and speeds were still fluctuating wildly.  Ben then found that there was one small section of the cable that was not new.  As he removed it, he found that it had a small kink and another small pinch.  He replaced it. Our internet stabilized.

Ben, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts/wallets.  You did what no one else was capable of doing for the last two years.  It is amazing that one man (person) can make a company, especially while many others are breaking it.  We even got a phone call from Ben a little while ago, checking to see if it was still working properly.

One man saved the internet.  Ben – we /salute you.

The Story That Never Was….

So, I had surgery on Friday to fix a blocked tear duct in my eye.  The doctor said that I would have one or two very black eyes for a couple of weeks.  I encouraged everyone to get their stories ready to harass Mustafah.  But Babylicious said that I needed a story myself.  So, I had my story ready, but lo and behold, I did not end up with any noticeable bruising.  Well, Baby and others still wanted  to hear the story.  So here is the story that never was (and I doubt it will live up to the build up it has received):

So, there was this baar (that is how us tough folks say “bear”) and he was all “hey, hey, hey” and  I was all “you can’t take peoples’ pic-i-nic baskets.”  He looked around and was all “I don’t see Ranger Smith” and I was all “well you see Ranger ME!” and I bopped him one.  The thing I forgot was that he was smarter than your average bear and he bopped me one back – and gave me this BooBoo.

The Day that Lives in Infamy

A little after the fact, but:

The DateOctober 28, 2010

The Event:  Meleah finally made it to Level 80!

As you all know, Meleah is my very first character. She got played hard to level 70 and got really, really burned out after all the battlegrounds.

So she languished at 70 for a long time.  Then she got some play time and got to level 78 .  And then sat there for another long period of time.

But, I was not going to let my baby NOT be at Level 80 when Cataclysm was released!

So I respecced to Beast Mastery – just to be sure that I had absolutely no idea how to play her – and then recruited some very kind friends.  (I was going to say gullible or weak-minded, as I am of the Jedi, but I thought better of it).

Thank you, Mustafah, Elie, Melthus, and Garumeth for dragging Meleah through that last little bit!

Seriously – maybe this time!

I know I said I was going to get back into blogging last year.   I have had a lot going on and blogging just wasn’t a top priority.  🙂

This time I think I mean it!  I see Eresin around Facebook, and it reminds me that I really should get back into this!  She took a break, too, but she is back at it now.

I updated a bunch of info on the home page.  That is what has been occupying me in the WoW world.

So, now to think about what to continue to blog about.  I can’t claim that this will be about druid healing mainly.

I have three end game healers,  Cayce, Isobel, and Zaralin. And at this point, I should stop and thank Mustafah.

SO:  Thank you my dear Stafah,  for being such an aggro whore that there is a need for healers and because I would not be such as good healer if I had not had so much practice keeping you alive.

So, I may pick back up with healing in general and then some class specifics as well.

Or I may pick back up with loads of sarcasm and smart@ss comments.  They seem to just flow  for me!

We will see what comes with time!

It’s not gold, but…..

… I’ll take it!  I got my bronze drake mount last night!  WOOT! 

Zaralin on her Bronze Drake

Zaralin on her Bronze Drake

Thank you to Nexultor, Davlin, Wandrit, and Mustafah for their awesome killing skills and poor rolling skills!!!  We breezed right through the Culling of Stratholme and took down the Time Keeper boss for the Culling of Time achievement.  I don’t even know what my roll was for the drake, I was just so excited to get it!

FYI – Davlin took video of us taking down the boss for the achievement.  Check it out here.  Pretty awesome!

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