Think Twice Before you Pug…

The following is not directed at anyone in particular, but rather at the collective “you” of anyone here or elsewhere.

The next time you pug, think twice before you make a scathing remark to that guy that pulled the three mobs accidentally or that guy that did not immediately hold aggro when an aggro whore with gear 2 levels above him starting hitting the mobs with everything he had, or that guy that…. (you get the picture)…

Now think about who you may be running with.

Go on, I have time. /filing fingernails

You don’t have a clue, do you?  How would you know?  And you don’t really know why or what happened when the “dude WTF don’t <fill in the blank>” happened either.

Now, go read this.  Go on, I have time – I’ll even go read it with you.

Wow.  Not much else can be said (although you know I will find <a few words>, you know, just to tidy up the edges).

Being on the internet, you may feel that you can treat others rudely because there are no consequences: “oh, they are on another server, so what if I piss them off, not like I am going to see them again.”

You remember me telling you about that pally healer than DI’d the tank when Putricide was at 2%, right?  She was so excited that the guild was going to kill that boss for the first time that she lost focus for a second and caused the raid to wipe.  Did she get berated in front of the entire raid?  Was she told that she was f’ing stupid and needed to L2heal?

Remember that we have all done stupid things at some time. Some that we may have control over, some that we may not.

No one made you the god of WoW.  #ignore that only in reference to the fact the I am the WoW goddess.

To quote a poster responding to this thread who could not have said it better:

“The point is that everyone you play with is a person with feelings that feel pain.  Sorry we’re not all “tough” like you.  What is so terrible about showing people a little kindness and compassion, even if you dont know them?  Yeah, it’s easy to get away with being a jerk when you’re hiding your identity behind a computer screen, but it really only points your own insecurities and flaws.  Maybe you’ve had a tough a life; it does not entitle you to treat others poorly.  The OP isn’t asking for handouts, she’s asking for a little tolerance and kindness.  If you’re so broken that you cant give that, then I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to pity you.”

So the next time before you think about telling someone L2P and kick them from the group, L2 not be a dickhead.  Take a deep breath.  We all need to be more tolerant and remember that this is just a f’ing game.

And thanks to @staticnnonsense for tweeting this.

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