It has begun…

I have posted a couple of things on the blog in the last couple days.  You know what?   It felt good!

I think I might actually get back into again.  I still won’t be a regular blogger – I never was – it just doesn’t fit my style.  And with a full-time career, a part-time job (maybe a new career?), and a guild, I am just slightly busy.  And of course, I need to fit some family time and maybe even some sleep in there.

What to blog about?  I can no longer say that I am an “expert” druid healer.  I haven’t healed on Zaralin since about a month before Cataclysm came out and I really haven’t had time to keep up with it.

I do have Cayce, my resto/elemental shaman.  I have to say that I do a mighty fine job of both of those specs.  I  think that elemental is really the only dps class that I have REALLY liked (like the mage though, it’s fun too).  And, of course, Isobel is still in the the thick of things.  I am getting all the “new” pally healing down, just need some better gear.

So, should I blog about healing?  Lord knows I do enough of it.  Do I talk about trying to lead a raiding guild?  Should I just make smart-ass comments because I excel at that?  Should I just do whatever I want, be damned with the lot of you??

You need to help me decide.  Doesn’t mean I am going to listen to you.  But you can try!

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  1. Zaralin said,

    March 17, 2012 at 2:57 am

    So, I finally checked the results here, lol. According to popular demand, it looks like I should:
    #1 blog about healing in general; and
    #1 make smart-ass comments.
    Yes, it appears to be a tie! Sounds like fun!

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