About Zaralin

Zaralin is a free-spirited girl. She loves life and all things fun.

Her main character in WoW (World of Warcraft) was a restoration druid, with a dual spec of Doomkin (that’s right, DOOMKIN).
Times change, however, and Z found the world of pally healers calling her and she loved it. So, Isobel became Zaralin’s main toon.
Cayce was added a while back, as well. Cayce is named for Edgar Cayce, a “shaman/prophet” that Z’s grandmother had a great respect for.
ZOMG, the Big Z loves to play a shaman! Zara will admit that Cayce has to be her favorite character.
Cayce’s main spec is heals, but any chance to go elemental, she does. Cayce can even give Mustafah a run for the money on dps (that is, when she remembers not to heal when she is supposed to be dpsing).
Now, don’t go worrying, she will be Z, forever and always. Zara still gets her fair share of action with endgame raiding, she just helps with the other guild teams if they are missing someone or she’ll pug it.
She also still has a happy little gnome mage, named Gnomara, that loves to blow stuff up. Gnomara hasn’t been doing much endgame since Cayce came along <shakes fist at Cayce>.
And, of course, there is Meleah (Zara’s original main character), a marksman beast mastery hunter, who sits happily in Borean Tundra killing poor, little, innocent animals all day long.
There is also Analyn the warlock,Vangeline a <gasp> horde blood elf shadow priest (so darn sexy!), and Kassaija, the noob rogue who may end up a worgen to add to the cadre of characters.
Zaralin and some friends created a new guild in August 2010.
Force of Impact is the dream home for Z and those of like mind. She is VERY happy there and they are a great bunch of people .
You should check us out at WowStead.com – an awesome guild hosting site.
This is her place to share her thoughts about anything she feels like. Like it or leave it, no matter to her.
Call her Zaralin, Zara, or Z…just don’t call her late for cocktail hour!
Still interested, eh? Then go read the posts. Or contact Zaralin at ZaralinOfElune at gmail dot com.
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