The Story That Never Was….

So, I had surgery on Friday to fix a blocked tear duct in my eye.  The doctor said that I would have one or two very black eyes for a couple of weeks.  I encouraged everyone to get their stories ready to harass Mustafah.  But Babylicious said that I needed a story myself.  So, I had my story ready, but lo and behold, I did not end up with any noticeable bruising.  Well, Baby and others still wanted  to hear the story.  So here is the story that never was (and I doubt it will live up to the build up it has received):

So, there was this baar (that is how us tough folks say “bear”) and he was all “hey, hey, hey” and  I was all “you can’t take peoples’ pic-i-nic baskets.”  He looked around and was all “I don’t see Ranger Smith” and I was all “well you see Ranger ME!” and I bopped him one.  The thing I forgot was that he was smarter than your average bear and he bopped me one back – and gave me this BooBoo.

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