The Day that Lives in Infamy

A little after the fact, but:

The DateOctober 28, 2010

The Event:  Meleah finally made it to Level 80!

As you all know, Meleah is my very first character. She got played hard to level 70 and got really, really burned out after all the battlegrounds.

So she languished at 70 for a long time.  Then she got some play time and got to level 78 .  And then sat there for another long period of time.

But, I was not going to let my baby NOT be at Level 80 when Cataclysm was released!

So I respecced to Beast Mastery – just to be sure that I had absolutely no idea how to play her – and then recruited some very kind friends.  (I was going to say gullible or weak-minded, as I am of the Jedi, but I thought better of it).

Thank you, Mustafah, Elie, Melthus, and Garumeth for dragging Meleah through that last little bit!

They put up a good fight, but the gnomes were better.

So, I never put up a post when Gnomara hit level 80 (bad Zara!).  I think it happend last week or the week before (very bad Z!).

Anyway, I spent the first 79 levels bargain shopping for epic gear, so when she got to 80, she was QUITE well geared.  Been running heroics, Naxx 10, and OS 10 and 25.

I am loving having a mage!   FFB for the win!

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