They put up a good fight, but the gnomes were better.

So, I never put up a post when Gnomara hit level 80 (bad Zara!).  I think it happend last week or the week before (very bad Z!).

Anyway, I spent the first 79 levels bargain shopping for epic gear, so when she got to 80, she was QUITE well geared.  Been running heroics, Naxx 10, and OS 10 and 25.

I am loving having a mage!   FFB for the win!

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Gnome Sweet Gnome

Zaralin has been taking a break recently.  She has been doing her daily cooking quests and running 10 and 25 man raids.  In the meantime, her little friend, Gnomara is having a blast.  Gnomara has been locked in the highest room of the tallest tower for quite a while.  Big, hunky Mustafah rescued her recently (my hero!). 

So Gnomara has been kicking butt with quests and she and Stafah have been terrorizing the denizens of numerous instances (well, they deserve it!).  She is quite the fiendish little Mage.