The Epic Dwarven Blogger Elite podcast is going LIVE!  That is right, Davlin and Nexultor are hosting their podcast live on NukmNation internet radio.  The show is this Wednesday, April 8th, 9ET/8CT. 


“Epic Dwarven Blogger Elite Show:  A combined effort from the bloggers from Epic Dwarven Blogger and Blogger (80 Elite).  The show covers news and events in World of Warcraft, as well as focusing on class mechanics and general WoW fun through interviews and reviews of content.  Together, Davlin and Nexultor bring about a humerous rant session that turns Noobz into Educated Raiders.”

If you want to join in on the chat channel live on the show, go to http://nukmnation.com/index.php/nukm-gamer-radio/irc.

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