Hordey, Hordey, Zara is 40!

Yep, you heard that right, Z is the big 4-0 today!!!!!

Now before anyone starts sending me condolences, please know that age doesn’t matter to me (and never has).  It only matters how you feel inside (no, not the squishy innards).  I will, of course, ignore the physical failings I have (bad back, bad shoulders, etc.) and blame those on my choice of occupation rather than age.

So, the hot tomato, Mustafah, has a really nice dinner out planned for the two of us at Blend.  Blend is a local gourmet restaurant that is FABULOUS!  Unfortunately, they got taken out with the flooding last year, but they have re-done everything and are ready for business.  I see lots of very good wine in my future…

At this point, I would like to thank the most important people in my life for helping me to become who I am today.  Of course, Mom and Dad get the big kudos (I miss you so much Dad!).   And my big brother, for torturing me endlessly as we were growing up, but always with love (cough, cough).  Then I include all of my wonderful friends (you know who you are) for always being there for me.  My daughter, Ameerah, for being such a sweet, smart, wonderful, thoughtful, brilliant, beautiful girl.

And then there is Mustafah, the love of my life.  He makes every day so special for me.  I am the luckiest woman in the world.  And I am so thankful that our lives converged the way they did so we had the opportunity to meet.  There are so many people out there that don’t ever meet their soul mate.  But, I am lucky.  I did.


Dungeons & Raids, Oh My!

Hey all, people are always wondering what dungeon or raids that can/should do. So I made a list. See my new page “Dungeon/Raid Info“. I am working on one for the age-old question of “I am level X, where should I quest?” I hope to have that page up soon.

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Zaralin has been taking a break recently.  She has been doing her daily cooking quests and running 10 and 25 man raids.  In the meantime, her little friend, Gnomara is having a blast.  Gnomara has been locked in the highest room of the tallest tower for quite a while.  Big, hunky Mustafah rescued her recently (my hero!). 

So Gnomara has been kicking butt with quests and she and Stafah have been terrorizing the denizens of numerous instances (well, they deserve it!).  She is quite the fiendish little Mage. 



Shout out to my friends at MMOReactor

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